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         SINCE 1996                                                                                 

Over 240 Customer Reviews            






Master Electrician License in all following areas:

Westchester County NY Lic-253

Putnam County NY Lic-MO90

State of CT Lic-181504



All "Monthly Specials" are for the following areas only:

Northern Westchester County NY

Fairfield County CT

Putnam County NY




-Install four 4"-6" Recess Lights with 5 color changeable settings starting only at $600.00

Free dimmer switch included 

Slope ceilings do not apply for Special 

Upgrade all your existing old faded incandescent recess light trims with money saving Led changeable color light trims 

'Make your home safe and replace those old worn out old receptacles and switches to Decora style
Replace old receptacles with tamper proof receptacles 
Replace old single-pole switches 
Replace old 3-way switches 

     "200amp Residential Service Upgrade"

Complete Installation Cost and permits included for the following area's starting at:


'Putnam County NY Starting Cost $1,995.00


Northern Westchester County NY Starting Cost $2,195.00


Fairfield County Connecticut Starting Cost $2,495.00


Free Whole House Surge Protector Installed in Main Panel $250.00 Value Included



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  Specials for Standby Air Cooled Automatic Generators"
Specials for Standby Air Cooled Automati


 "Briggs & Stratton Standby Automatic Generators"

Free $100.00 Home Depot Gift Card with your Generator Complete Installation


-20kw Briggs & Stratton Air Cooled Generator/400amp Automatic Transfer Switch Included

Complete Installation Starting at Only $9,995.00


-20kw Briggs & Stratton Air Cooled Generator/200amp Automatic Transfer Switch Included

Complete lnstallation Starting at Only $9,295.00


-17kw Briggs & Stratton Air Cooled Generator/200amp Automatic Transfer Switch Included

Complete Installation Strarting at Only $8,595.00 


-12kw Briggs & Stratton  Air Cooled Generator/200amp Automatic Transfer Switch Included

Complete Installation Starting at Only $7,995.00 


'"Generac Air Cooled Standby Automatic Generator"

 Free $100.00 Home Depot Gift Card with your Complete Generator Installation 


-27kw Generac Liquid Cooled Generator/200amp Automatic Transfer Switch Included 113amps/240volts

Complete Installation Starting at Only $16,406.00


-22kw Generac Air Cooled Generator/200amp Automatic Transfer Switch lncluded 100amps/240volts

Complete Installation Starting at Only $8,995.00


-16kw Generac Air Cooled Generator/200amp Automatic Transfer Switch Included 66amps/240volts

Complete Installation Starting at Only $8,695.00


-13kw Generac Air Cooled Generator/100amp Automatic Transfer Switch Included 54amps/240volts

Complete Installation Starting at Only $7,995.00

-10kw Generac Air Cooled Generator/100 or 200amp Automatic Transfer Switch Included 41amps/240volts

Complete Installation Starting at Only $6,995.00



Generator Permits and Inspection Fees Included


Generator must be within 10' of the electric meter and house panel for Special to apply






                         NO WORRIES          
We can install a Breaker Interlock System   
if you already have a portable generator, then this is for you

Install a whole house breaker interlock system for the entire house installed in the main panel

We will provide a generator 30amp 25' cord, generator 30amp dedicated breaker and a 30amp generator breaker interlock                                                                                          

Starting at Only $950.00

Image result for portable generator and transfer switch installation MAKE LIFE EASY DURING A POWER OUTAGE


1- Breaker Interlock System turn on Entire House

2- 30amp 10' Generator cord to connect panel to generator

3- Outdoor generator outlet to be within 10' of panel 

4- 30amp Generator outlet

5- Generator 30amp 2-pole breaker for generator system

6- Complete installation. All you need is the gas

7- Push-a-Matic, Federal Pacific, Fuses or Zinsco panels

8- Must have main 100amp/200amp main breaker system 

9- This system will turn on your entire house 

10-Generator outlet must be within 20' of the main electrical panel


  With this setup, all you do is plug in the cord and hit the switch on the generator engage the breaker interlock. It is that easy. Entire house is now manageble through this easy setup instead of only having 6 or 8 circuits. WOW!



    -" A father and seven children in eastern Maryland were discovered dead in their home on Monday morning. ... released a then-new agency report noting that between 1999 and 2012, there were 931 non-fire-related deaths from carbon monoxide inhalation – and 800 of those were from portable generators.  Another dozen people in Brevard and Polk counties were poisoned Tuesday by carbon monoxide from generators running in their garages."




IInstall Breaker Interlock System into main panel main breaker system      

'The breaker interlock will allow you to turn on the entire house but of course controlling what you would like to come on                                                                                                

IInstall 25’ generator cord, 30amp generator outlet and a 30amp generator breaker                            

We provide 7500-9000watt Electric Start Portable Generator        

Complete Installation Starting at Only $2,795.00

Free $50.00 Gift Card




Specials do not apply to any previous estimates “



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Free Whole House Surge Protector Included


Your Panel is the Heart Beat of your Home

Don't wait until your panel has a heart attack!

Image result for Is it time to replace your old electrical panel


(Over 990 Residential Homes 200amp Service Upgrade Installations)

-Does not apply to underground services

Does not apply to in wall panels

Life Time Warranty on Free Breaker Replacement if Any Becomes Defective!

Permits and inspections fees included in Special


Image result for electrical fuse panelsTO THIS SAFE AND UPDATED ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Image result for picture of a 200amp main breaker 40 circuit panel Dear Tony

    Yours was the third and best price quote to upgrade our electric service. It turned out to be a very smart decision to hire you. You do excellent work and be aware that the Wilton Building Inspector - when here officially to check and approve the upgrade, told me without prompting. "This is a fine job." Your promptness and reliability are also on the same level. Thanks from Maggie and me.


Tom Clark

Wilton, CT



"100amp Replacement New Main Breaker Panel Special"

New 100amp Main Breaker 24-Circuit Panel Starting at $1,195.00


New 100amp Main Breaker 32- Circuit Panel Starting at $1,295.00

Replace Old Fuses, Federal Pacific & Push-a-Matic Panels 

Special is for surface mount panel only

Free Whole House Surge Protector Included $250.00 Value

Life-Time Breaker Replacement if Breaker is Defective
Special price does not apply to in wall panels, surface mount only

Must mention Ad to recieve special 

Image result for 100amp main breaker 20 circuit panel

  "Tony is a true professional. Price was great, he was informational and his work is immaculate. Tony makes you feel comfortable that he knows what he is doing and after meeting him you understand he is not taking you for a ride! I needed him to respond back and he was quick to return my call and quick to respond back to my house. You'd be foolish not to call him. Will be using him again in the future!"


200amp Upgrade


Dobbs Ferry, NY






Image result for 22kw generac



 Hi Tony

     Remember the installation of the 20kw Generac generator you did for me in Greenburgh NY in 2014? Well, we finally have a good test in the winter. Our neighborhood has been out for 55hrs already because of the Nor'easter and my generator has been running non-stop, handling all my load including the electric baseboard heat throughout the house. So your sizing was perfect as was your installation. Thank you so much for the excellent job!



Greenburgh NY



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Image result for residential power outages








Power up - Well, Furnace, Refrigerator, Kitchen light, Microwave, Bathroom Light, TV, Bedroom. Generator must be within 15' of the transfer switch






"His work is very high quality, but more impressive is his gentle, professional and humbly confident demeanor. He is always a pleasure. For these reasons, he's in high demand - and I highly recommend."



New Fairfield CT



"Electric Car Charger Special Starting at $950.00

  Install 50amp Circuit & Electric Chager Oultet for Electric Car

-Circuit panel must be within 15' of Car Charger 

-Permits are additional

       Residential Only

Image result for 50amp electric car receptacle


    "From my intial contact and discussion with Tony about my main panel, I knew that I wanted to use him for my main panel upgrade. He arrived on time to estimate the job and explained what the job would entail and stated he would have a proposal for me later in the evening. I recieved my proposal that afternoon with a price that I was satisfied with. The proposal included everything we discussed earlier that day and there were no surprises. Once I committed to using Tony, we set a date. The job was completed in about 10-11hrs with nothing omitted or not completed. The installation was clean and neat. Tony is a true professional and I can't say enough good things about him or his work. I would, without hesitation, use Tony for any electrical needs that I would have in the future."



South Salem, NY



200amp Service Upgrade/Portable Generator Setup

"They were fantastic. They came on time and he as extremely courteous. He explained everything with extreme detail. He worked very neatly and left no mess. He was absolutely amazing and got the job done quickly. We have even recommended him to our neighbors."






  "I am the most difficult consumer you will find. Even my wife hates me. When I contacted Tony, I was very surprised. He was talking me out of doing more. He gave me 300 reasons why not to spend more money. That is something you don't always find. I got  a house in Yonkers. A real old 3 family house. This house had 60 amps coming to the house feeding the three apartments and common areas. Tony was the first electrician that was not overwhelm or tried to scare me into spending more money.  Once the job was done he assured me that we were going to pass the Con Ed inspection. I was happy but then I got anxy. And I called Tony and texted him 5000 times and he always answered as if it was the first time he explained to me what he had already said before. In so many words this guy is one of a kind, money will not be a deal breaker and he will not make you break the bank. He will give you his best price the first time every time. If you live in the service area do not call any one else. This guys is the best of the very best and always has time to ask questions and encourages you to ask them. Trust TONY. Believe me I am glad I did.  "



Yonkers NY  




Two Meter Service Upgrade 

"He came when promised and did a very good installation job.  He was very professional and courteous.  While doing the planning with me, he was very receptive to suggestions and patiently worked with me as we worked through the design and configuration. His motto is "never any surprises with us" and this was really true.  There were no unexpected additional charges or need to purchase anything else.  That meant a lot to me.  He delivered a complete operational system. Five weeks after the generator installation was complete, we had a neighborhood power failure for two hours.  The generator started up, the transfer switch switched over to the generator and, in less than 30 seconds, we had power back for the entire house. We didn't have to do a thing."

  Love the system!



Greenburgh NY




Automatic Generator

"His work is very high quality, but more impressive is his gentle, professional and humbly confident demeanor. He is always a pleasure. For these reasons, he's in high demand - and I highly recommend."



New Fairfield CT





"They were fantastic. They came on time and he as extremely courteous. He explained everything with extreme detail. He worked very neatly and left no mess. He was absolutely amazing and got the job done quickly. We have even recommended him to our neighbors."







" I usually don’t write reviews, but my experience was so positive that I felt compelled to do so in this case. My first experience with Suggs Electric was in the spring of 2014, when I met with a number of electricians concerning upgrading my service to 200 amps, installing underground electric from my house to a barn and a cottage on my property, and installing sub panels in both out buildings. I was pretty disappointed with the first few electricians who came to survey the job and offer quotes. Some scribbled notes on a pad or scrap paper, and others relied totally on their memory to assess the job and come up with a price. The way the work was to be performed, and the prices to accomplish it, varied widely, which did not leave me very confident in making a selection …. And then I met Tony Suggs. He showed up right on time, calmly and rationally discussed the nature of the work to be performed, answered all of my questions which arose from the conflicting and contradictory information provided by the previous electricians, and then walked the property with me, using an I-Pad to methodically video record all aspects of the job including detailed notes and measurements. I had pretty much forgot about the other electricians at that point, and when he came back quickly with a very fair and reasonable detailed quote . I was sold. As I expected from his manner and presentation leading up to that point, he worked in a diligent, timely and efficient manner, to properly complete all aspects of the job, bringing extra help only when it was necessary to ensure that everything went smoothly. He was highly professional and personable during the entire experience, and he was a pleasure to work with.  The next time I needed electrical work performed was in early spring of this year, when I decided to have an interlock installed on the main service panel to operate a portable gas generator. There was no question who I was going to call to complete this work, and as before, Tony proved himself to be a master at his craft and the honest and strait forward person that he is. After my experiences I can say one thing for certain. If you need electrical work done in or around your home, call Suggs Electric first, as you will most likely have to look no further."


Katonah NY   



"I hired Suggs Electric to provide me with and install a generator for my home. Tony was very patient in reviewing my options, as well as the equiptment to be installed with me. We also spoke at length about how the system would work, and where all of the wring would run throughtout the house. The job went as expected. The generator was delivered promptly. The work was performed beautifully without any problems. Throughout the process, he was very responsive with my questions when i would contact him. There were no unexpected expenses. Overall a very hardworking and trustworthy individual."


Gina Pate

MT Kisco, NY



  Suggs Electric is a most professional and courteous company. I have used them twice now and each time they respond with quick, accurate estimates in writing. The wait period for start times for the jobs are very reasonable. They arrive on time and stay until the job is complete and you are satisfied. They are neat and efficient as well, cleaning all areas affected by the job. I selected Suggs Electric overall on the response time to my inquiry and their estimates for my job. I would most definitely recommend this company to others and plan to use them again myself.”


Barbara Accardo

Danbury, CT  




    Mr. Suggs was the most honest of the contractors I have dealt with. He and his workers are respectable and clean-cut individuals. The prices are well within budget and very competitive. Mr. Suggs understood the time-constraint I was in and made sure to promptly schedule the electrical inspections so that my C/O can be closed out quickly. I will definitely use Suggs Electric for the rest of my home remodel projects. Thank you for a job very well done!


Mike Gibbons

Mahopac, NY




"Tony was great. I initially got several estimates for a transfer switch for my portable generator, and Tony's was very comopetitive and delivered quickly After looking at the job, he recommended an even simpler solution that saved more money. He did the job simply and efficently and on time, and charged me exactly what we had agreed upon. He was also very responsive to emails for scheduling purposes, which made the whole thing easy. Highly recommend. "


Michael Graham
New Canaan, CT






“ I choose Suggs Electric because I like to work with the owner of the company. All of the other companies sent people who give the estimates, but they don't do the actual work. Your price was competitive and you showed up on time on the appointed day. Thank you for the prompt and clean work."





"When initially researching electricians in the area, I came across your web-site. I was happy to see the referrals your past customers gave you. Since moving into our house, we have tried to align ourselves with quality contractors and we are glad we hired you for the job. The referrals you received were spot on. You arrived at the schedule date and time and the cost was exactly what you quoted me. Overall, the service was professional and timely. We are very pleased and look forward to working with you in the future."


Thanks Again


Newtown, CT




I selected SUGGS ELECTRIC for our work as I find Anthony well organized, courteous and professional. Phone calls and emails were returned promptly. The work was done in and orderly and professional manner. The electrical inspector was very pleased with the way the work was done by Suggs Electric. I would recommend Suggs Electric to my Neighbors.”


J. Swetz

 Yorktown Heights, NY            







"Tony installed a Generac 8kW generator, including panel and gas hookups.  He also did a lot of the legwork on getting and filing the proper paperwork with the town and ConEd.

     I contacted him and he wrote back right away to set up an appointment.  Tony was punctual and efficient, quickly assessing where we wanted the generator and what the work would entail.  He sent me an estimate within a day.  We talked a bit over email to figure out exactly what we needed, and once we settled on everything, he took care of the order.  He and his worker did a great job setting the generator up, from pouring the concrete base so that the generator was on level ground, to installing the proper pipes and electrical panel.  They took the time to caulk the holes around the pipes they put in -- I know that was something small, but I appreciated the attention to detail.
    Tony also helped us get through the rest of the process.  After he did the installation, he helped us get a plumber here, and also worked with ConEd and the town so that we could get the appropriate paperwork and approvals for the generator.  In the end, I felt like Tony really cared about doing a good job for us, from start to finish."
Chappaqua, NY




  "Just want to say that I feel that you have been above and beyond everyone else that I had to deal with in this trying  time to get Solarized. Thank you so much in all the things I had to complain about, I am so glad that I can tell you that you have done a great job. I really appreciate it. Thank You!"



Norwalk, CT




"Tony installed a six circuit transfer switch for my portable generator. He took the time to verify that all the circuits I had selected were actually wired as labeled and he advised me which circuits should be a priority based on his experience. The work took about 3 hours and we talked about how I wanted the wires routed and where I wanted the service panel. He was professional and efficient.  When he was done we tested the generator with all of the circuits and everything worked properly. I was very happy with the service, price, and workmanship".

Jay -Trumbull CT                      



"Tony installed a generator transfer switch and arrived on time
friendly and knowledgable of the product,  a superior electrician
and installed product with ease. I will certainly use him again and
wish all tradesmen could be this good".
Greenwich, CT



      "It went very well. Tony came and looked over my present fuse panel and where I wanted the generator hookup to go. Prompt and courteous and happily answered all my questions. A few days later I received an email estimate and we scheduled a date to perform the service. Work was performed on time as scheduled and everything went well. I am happy and feel much safer with my upgrade as the original fuse box wiring was 57 years old. It is all up to code now. The work area was cleaned up perfectly."



Brookfield CT




"Tony came out and discussed the job with me soon after I contacted him. He gave me a qoute the next day which was what I expected it to cost and I scheduled the job for a 200amp Service Upgrade and a 22kw Automatic generator system. He did a great work and I was very pleased. Would difinitely recommend him."



Katonah, NY



"Tony was very helpful and professional through the whole process of installing a 20kw Kohler Automatic Generator system for the entire house. Would definitely hire again."


John & Janet

Brewster, NY



Westchester & Putnam New York Areas we coverSomers, North Salem, Bedford, Lewisboro, Poundridge, North Castle, Mount Kisco, New Castle, Mount Pleasant,  Brewster, Carmel, Patterson, Mahopac, Kent, South Salem, Chappaqua, Cross River, Goldens Bridge, Katonah, Lincolndale, Millwood, Pleasntville, Purdys, Valhalla, Waccabuc, Thornwood

Fairfield CT areas we cover - New Fairfield, Brookfield, Danbury, Bethel, Newtown, Ridgefield, Redding, Easton, Weston, Wilton, New Canaan, Norwalk, Westport, Fairfield, Darien, Stamford, Greenwich, Monroe, Trumbull


    "Great communication leading up to the service, extremely professional interaction throughout. Anthony offered us multiple options to solve our issues and his ultimate recommendation was better than what was provided by three other electricians and at a better price. There were no hidden charges, services were prompt, clean, and professional, and we never felt like we were being oversold on unneeded services like we were with other electricians who bid the job. Anthony was also very responsive and patient with the city permitting office when it came to getting our final inspection and permit. We had no issues with the inspector who also commented positively on the job. Would difinitely hire again for our electrical needs and recommend to others."



Stamford CT


                     "Full house 20kw Generac generator with 200amp automatic transfer switch with installation . Tony was incredibly professional, quiet, clean and unobtrusive. He provided an estimate and then an agreement. There were no surprises. He did exactly what he said he would do, when he said he would for the price he said he would (which I though was really low). And to my shock, it all worked just like he said it would. The first generator arrived and Tony would not accept delivery. He said it was defective and ordered another one. It then sat in my driveway while I waited for the Town of Lewisboro to issue a building and wildlife permit. That took about a month.
    As soon as we had the paperwork, Tony reappeared on the scene and before I knew it, we were wired and running. I think he might have had two other helpers. Great guy. Very honest. Stands by his work. Would highly recommend him. In fact, I've asked him to continue servicing me with a long-term maintenance contract".



South Salem, NY




"Old houses have their quirks, but Tony was up to the challenge. From cleverly snaking the wires, to meticulously placing the fixture, he did a top-notch job. And he left the place as if he had never been here. Super clean! I'm a discerning consumer and Tony exceeded my expectations. Simply put, he's fantastic and our new go-to guy for anything electrical."



Old Greenage CT



"We contacted Tony because of one of the big deals on Angie's List.  He provided a thorough examination of our needs and recommended the right solution.  In the end we needed a different system and he provided the same discount on that one.  Tony took care of everything from the certificates to the ground prep to the installation and verification.

    I was particularly impressed by his kindness and consideration and the effort that he took to explain the details to my wife and son since I was not around for much of the process".


Brewster, NY



"Tony installed a Generac 8kW generator, including panel and gas hookups.  He also did a lot of the legwork on getting and filing the proper paperwork with the town and ConEd.

     I contacted him and he wrote back right away to set up an appointment.  Tony was punctual and efficient, quickly assessing where we wanted the generator and what the work would entail.  He sent me an estimate within a day.  We talked a bit over email to figure out exactly what we needed, and once we settled on everything, he took care of the order.  He and his worker did a great job setting the generator up, from pouring the concrete base so that the generator was on level ground, to installing the proper pipes and electrical panel.  They took the time to caulk the holes around the pipes they put in -- I know that was something small, but I appreciated the attention to detail.
    Tony also helped us get through the rest of the process.  After he did the installation, he helped us get a plumber here, and also worked with ConEd and the town so that we could get the appropriate paperwork and approvals for the generator.  In the end, I felt like Tony really cared about doing a good job for us, from start to finish."
Chappaqua, NY



"I wish all contractors were as simple, punctual, and professional and provided an outstanding service. Anthony showed up on time and completed a very complicated job in a superb and outstanding manner. He was always attentive and polite throughout the job, whilst answering a lot questions I had. Thank you for this. And thank you for your honestly: Anthony had to spend more time due to an unforeseen complication - he did not charge me extra for this. He kept to his word and remained within our contract price. Truly exceptional. Almost 8 months later and everything Anthony upgraded works well - he even made a call today to find out how happy I was with the job. Well, how many people do that - really! Thank you Anthony, to you and your outstanding team of professionals."



Greenwich, CT



"He is very nice. He is very patient. I asked him lots of questions. We emailed back and forth for awhile. It is seldom to see a contractor this patient. He is very hardworking. He is on time, and clean up went well. He is very professional. He knows what he is doing".








"Tony showed up exactly when he said he would,  and quoted a competitive price that was exactly in line with what it should have been.  We set a date for the work to be completed. They showed on time, completed the work and cleaned-up after themselves.  The town inspector said the work was some of the best they had seen.  Tony also took the time to explain and walk us through how to use the back-up generator.  In fact, without complaining in the least bit, Tony came out over a year later to walk us through starting up and using the back-up generator.  Very very professional and I take comfort knowing that I now have a go-to contractor that I can trust and rely on for all my electrical needs.  I am a pretty tough customer to work for.  This is no BS.  He is that good!  I actually feel bad it's taken me this long to submit a review."



Ridgefield CT




   "I hired Tony to put in the entire electrical system for $35,000.00 in the new home I was building in Darien, CT. The contract that we put together was fairly detailed and Tony did not have an issue with the numerous reiterations and changes that were required to finalize the contract.  Compared to other bids I had received, I found Tony’s pricing very reasonable and never got the feeling he was trying to take advantage and play-off of my ignorance. Additionally, he was willing to guarantee all work for a year and put it in writing in the contract. 
          The wiring of new construction is a fairly long process with many changes and adjustments.  Tony and his crew worked as necessary to meet all necessary deadlines; even one time on a Sunday night until mid-night.  As with any large project, there was additional work beyond the original scope of the initial contract.  From experience, this is typically where contractors try to take advantage.  At first I did feel that some of the pricing was a little high; however, Tony was very professional and willing to meet with me in person to go over my concerns.  In a gentlemen’s discussion we arrived at a number that we were both comfortable with for the additional work.
          My home had over 70+ recessed lights and approximately 200 switches.  Tony was very diligent and did not have any issue with any of the configuration changes that I requested during the finish work process.  There was an instance that a switch to the stairwell and a switch in the study were missed during the rough installation.  No questions asked Tony added these switches which required a fair amount of work since the walls had already been closed.  After dealing with a large number of contractors over the past year during the building process of my home, I can say that it is very hard to find contractors that take pride in their work and provide quality workmanship at a reasonable price like Tony is able to provide. 
Tony is amongst the honest, diligent and hardworking contractors out there and I would highly recommend him to anyone for their electrical needs. -



Darien, CT





             "I had used Suggs for my generator wiring and asked them to quote on my basement work I had planned to do myself.  The price was right and I elected to spend some money instead of spending lots of time. The outcome was great, professional and exactly what I asked for.  Suggs was able to work around my schedule and do the work when it was convenient to both parties. Suggs has a company motto about honesty and no hidden costs - they really live up to that.  Great company with great work performed".



Bethel, CT



      Tony and Marcellus did a great job with all the services 200amp Upgrade.  Took two days to complete, but worked with us to find days that were good for our schedule.  Did a very thorough job of cleaning up and barely knew they were here.  Work was done quickly and no issues arose.  I would highly recommend Suggs Electric for anyone looking for an honest and skilled electrician.



Danbury, CT  




Areas we service:

Westchester County NY-

Ardsley 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Armonk 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Bedford 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Briarcliff 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Chappaqua 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Elmsford 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Goldens Bridge 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Hartsdale 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Hawthorne 200amp Service Upgrade Special , Katonah 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Millwood 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Mount Kisco 200amp Service Upgrade Special, North Salem 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Pleasantville 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Pound Ridge 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Sleepy Hollow 200amp Service UpgradeSpecial , Somers 200amp Service Upgrade Special, South Salem 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Thornwood 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Valhalla 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Yorktown 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Cortlandt Manor 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Cross River 200amp Service Upgrade Special , Dobbs Ferry 200amp Service Upgrade Special, White Plains 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Eastchester 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Granite Springs 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Greenburgh 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Jefferson Valley 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Larchmont 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Lewisboro 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Lincolndale 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Mamaroneck 200amp Service Upgrade Special , Mount Kisco 200amp Service Upgrade Special , North Castle 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Tarrytown 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Peekskill 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Porchester 200amp Service Upgrade Special , Purdys 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Rye Brook  200amp Service Upgrade Special, Scarsdale 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Shrub Oak 200amp Service Upgrade Special,  Valhalla 200amp Service Upgrade Special,  Waccabuc 200amp Service Upgrade Special, and more

Image result for westchester county ny map




Putnam County NY

Brewster 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Carmel 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Mahopac 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Kent 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Patterson 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Putnam Valley 200amp Service Upgrade Special ,  Town of South East 200amp Service Upgrade Special and more.......

Image result for putnam county ny map



Fairfield County CT -

Bethel 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Brookfield 200amp Service Upgrade Special , Danbury 200amp Service UpgradeSpecial , Darien 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Easton 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Fairfield 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Greenwich 200amp Service Upgrade Special, New Canaan 200amp Service Upgrade Special , New Fairfield 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Newtown 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Norwalk 200amp Service Upgrade Special , Redding 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Ridgefield 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Trumbull 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Weston 200amp Service Upgrade Special , Trumbull 200amp Service Upgrade Special, Monroe 200amp Service Upgrade Special , Westport 200amp Service Upgrade Special and Wilton 200amp Service Upgrade Special and more....


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