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       NEVER, NEVER, NEVER! Put portable generators in a enclosed home, garage or building. Always keep them outside and at least 5' from doors or windows


       Inregards to automatic generator installations. Do not rush to purchase, but make your choice for a generator when there is no panic or the possibility you might make a bad choice as to the size of the generator or the installer. Plan ahead.


       Always check your GFCI receptacles to insure they are still working. Activate the test button to make sure it still trips. If they do not, replace them. Safety first is only a few dollars.


      Automatic generator installations may save you a few hundreds of dollars on one of the most important investment as far as installing a generator to allow you to live comfortably even during an outage. No more hotels.


      Make sure you have your Smoke Detectors in all Bedrooms, outside Bedrooms

basement areas. Be safe.

Did you know that Federal Pacific and Push-a-Matic panels are fire hazards?

Change them out to newer ones.


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   Did you know that fuse panels can be a fire hazard and that some Insurance Company's will not cover you if you have a fuse box and it catches fire? Check with your Insurance Company now and not after the fact.



Too many sub-panels

Some have a nightmare of MANY panels. Having two, three or more panels all

being attached some how to one main panel and all on the same wall.

Centralizing all circuits to one main panel makes it easier and safer, giving you

space for future growth. You should not have to guess which panel it is when it

comes to electricity. Many times, when additional panels are tapped off a main

panel several times, they are many times not fused correctly so as to protect the

loads on them, which makes for a very serious situation or fire hazard



No insurance coverage!

Many insurance companies will not insure your home if you have fuses. Perhap

they may give you partial insurance. Either way, upgrading a fused service to

breakers gives you that ability to get the proper coverage and protection you

need for you and your family, and rid yourself of those awful fuses.




     I recently did a upgrade for a customer and as we were talking she mentioned

that she had never heard of INSURANCE company's not providing coverage if you

have fuse panels . So she called and sure enough her carrier said they would 

NOT cover her if something went wrong because of the fuses causing a house fire.

She inherited the house from her mother and just kept the same coverage.

But the sad thing was to me, she would have never known about her lack of

coverage until after the damage was done. This is why I am putting this point in

here. Whether you hire us to replace any fuse panels to breakers or not. Change it

with whom ever, because who needs that type of shock after having something

as serious as a fire causing damage to a very disheartening result. So please check

with your insurance company to find out so you will not receive any surprises

later on.



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Old frayed cables that has torn insulation makes it easy for water and moisture

to get into the cables outside the home dripping down into the meter and

sometimes into the electrical panel which causes it to corrode and rust. That can

cause poor connection which can cause arcing, which in turn can lead to power

problems or fire. Sometimes the cost of replacing the outside weather beaten

cable, rusted meter pan and more then likely not having the proper grounding

system for outdoor earth ground and indoor water grounds. It is usually only a

difference of a few hundred dollars for an  upgrade of service.


Relocate meter outside... and keep the Meter Reader out there also!

The Meter Reader cannot come into your house and read the meter properly if

you are not home and your meter is installed indoors. So they make estimates

from past usage or just guess. Of course, that is not always accurate because

you may go away for vacation or simply not use your electric at the same level

each month. I recently talked to one homeowner who said that they were being

charge from $200 to $300 per month extra! You may try to be there each time

they come, only to inconvenience yourself each month. Usually the system is a

older one and it doesn't have the proper grounding to it anyway. After all is said

and done, for a few hundred dollars more, most people wisley go ahead and with

the upgrade, and move the meter outside.




Circuits that trip

Sometimes because the house is older and built 30 or more years ago. They

didn't of course wire homes with the thought that they would be using the type

of loads now that you find in a modern home. Usually they may have a fuse

panel with no more room to add a circuit because that is the way fuse panels are

made. So the panel needs to be changed out to a breaker box anyway to

provide dedicated circuits to the problem areas. Mostly in kitchens and

bathrooms or window A/C units you will have those tripping problems or

overloads. Depending on future growth and the immediate dedicated circuits, a

upgrade may be necessary to solve the issue now and any future ones.




Electrical Panel Upgrades

Older buildings contain endless charms. Ornate woodwork, unique moldings,

antique built-ins...the list goes on. Unfortunately, these charms do not include

the archaic electrical systems that are so often found in older structures. The

increasing energy demand plus the continuing advancement of technology

have rendered the original breaker panels in many buildings insufficient. Many

people are unaware that their building has such a problem until they put more

stress on their system, such as an extra computer, and suddenly begin

experiencing trouble with their electrical service. Others have been

experiencing symptoms for some time, and simply overlook them. If you are

the owner of a building that uses more energy than your electric panel can

handle, you may have noticed:

- Flickering lights
- Very dim lights
- Insufficient power supply
- Breakers that trip frequently or fuses that blow frequently
- Appliances not running at full power

Sound familiar? Your building may be a good candidate for an electric panel

upgrade.  Our professionals will be able to switch out your current breaker

panel for a model that will be able to handle the demand of modern appliances

and home theatre systems. In addition to electrical panel upgrades, we can

also determine if your building requires a wiring and meter socket upgrade.

After all of your breaker panel upgrade needs are fulfilled, you will immediately

notice a difference in your energy efficiency and the overall quality of your

electric service. That's well worth the electrical panel upgrade cost!

Some electrical panel upgrades are more complex than others. Choosing the

correct type of breaker panel upgrade differs based on a variety of factors, such

as the projected required energy capacity, local building codes, and the

specifics of your system.  An electrical panel upgrade professional will be able

to analyze your typical electrical use and determine which electrical panel

upgrade will be best suited for your needs.

   The electrical panel upgrade process is not as simple as changing a light bulb.

It requires the technical know-how of a skilled electrician to make sure that all

parts of your electrical system are installed correctly and completely. An error

in your electric panel upgrade could put your entire building at risk for fire,

damage to the new panel, and a shortened life for your entire electrical system.

On top of property damage and blackouts, attempts by an amateur to perform

an electrical service panel upgrade could also result in serious injury by electric

shock. When it comes to your safety and to the reliability of a device that is

central to the ongoing operation of your home or business, trust the experts.

  Suggs Electrical is available via phone or e-mail, so fee free to contact us if you

would like us to come to your property and examine your electrical system. We

will pinpoint any trouble spots and determine if an electrical panel upgrade is

necessary. We proudly serve Fairfield CT as well as Westchester/Putnam NY and

have been earning satisfied customers for 30 years due to our superior

workmanship, attention to customer service, and low electrical panel upgrade






Ph: 914-953-4535 NY, CT 


   Closed Saturday & Sunday

Open 8am-6pm Monday-Friday


Westchester County NY License 253

Putnam County NY License M090

CT State License 181504



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"Excellent service. One really trivial error where one circuit was not reconnected correctly. Once identified Tony was extremely responsive returning to our home late one evening to address the problem.  Tony was very professional explaining everything to my wife on how to setup and run our Costco purchased generator through the new manual switch. We highly recommend this merchant.  Thank you."



Weston, CT

Certified Gold"







"Installed generator. It took such a long time, many many months, because of permit issues and locating a suitable spot which ended up being much further away from the electrical panel than the coupon I purchased specified. Tony was very professional, and once the approval was received from the town, he took care of the install quickly. There was no fuss or any nonsense - he just was straight forward and did his job."



Tarrytown, NY



"Tony's is top notch, His work is just great. He showed up on time and completed on time. He brought back the meaning of "The Honest Worker". I have already given his card to many of my friends. Even the electrical inspector who inspected his work, said he never has a problem with Tony's Work."



Ossining, NY




News Flash. Always hire a licensed electrical insured contractor. What you feel you may have saved in money, can cost you a lot more in the long run. Don't risk Family & Home to save a few bucks.

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